Among the many inventions and creative technical implementations from eberth,
we are particularly proud of the reker brand solution for film packaging of pallets.
This unique and patented shrink film heater ensures that paper or other packaging material cannot slip,
thus preventing a large number of damages during transport on the one hand and offering perfect climate
control of the paper on the other, so that it can be printed immediately after transport and storage times can
thus be minimised. Further savings potential results from the use of significantly thinner films as well as much
lower energy consumption than with conventional solutions such as shrink frames. The additional costs
for the purchase will pay for themselves after only a few years and the environment will also benefit from less
power consumption and plastic waste. This innovation has now been officially recognised. At the Berchtesgadener Land business reception, Armin Eberth received the 2019 Business Award in the category “Innovation and Development”. We are proud of this award and it motivates us to continue to question and improve our solutions.